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Author's Note: This is an AU scene from the extended edition of Partnership.

Partnership, extended edition: Scene 6

by shalott

"Fuck you," Bud says, leaning over him and taking his face roughly in both hands, shaking him a little. "How're you feeling?"

Ed smiles up at him through the morphine and cups the back of Bud's neck with his good arm. "High as a kite. When can you spring me?"

Bud strokes his callused thumbs along Ed's cheekbones. "Soon as they let me. Go back to sleep; I'll make 'em get you some food."

"Go get cleaned up while you're at it; I can't eat with you looking like that in front of me," Ed says, and he pulls Bud's head down lower and kisses him on the mouth -- just the most natural thing in the world, and he doesn't care about the hospital room door wide open and the window two steps away. Bud leans into it hungrily, planting his big hands carefully to either side of the pillow, shoulders tense from holding up his weight.

"Come on, get in," Ed says, fumbling with the covers; his dick is practically bouncing.

"No, fuck, are you crazy? You nearly died, you moron," Bud says. He stands up and wipes the back of his hand across his mouth, breathing hard. "You're going to eat some goddamn jello and go to sleep."

"Don't be a fucking cocktease," Ed says. He's hot and jittery and impatient, and the tubes in his arm get in the way when he tries to reach down and jerk off.

"For Christ's sake, quit that," Bud says, and goes to shut the door. "The things I let you talk me into, Exley," he says, pushing Ed flat onto his back. "Just stay quiet, the last thing we fucking need is a nurse coming in here." He pulls up the chair and bends over Ed's dick.

"I can't wait until we're home," Ed says dreamily, rubbing his hand over Bud's hair; it's soft and bristly under his hand. "I want to fuck you for hours." Bud makes some strangled noise but doesn't stop, and Ed closes his eyes and soaks in the heat, the wet slick of Bud's tongue sliding all over him. "Yeah. Yeah, right there." One of the machines next to the bed is beeping quicker. "Take more, come on, take me deeper."

Bud shudders and shifts position, lets Ed's cock slide further down his throat. He's got his free hand down his own pants. "Open -- open your --" Ed says, gulping for breath. "I want to see -- "

"Jesus fucking Christ, Exley," Bud says, muffled, and barely gets his dick out of his pants before he's coming, spilling over the sheets, and Ed comes in his mouth just a few minutes later.

"Fuck," Bud says, coughing, and goes to the bathroom to spit. He mops up with toilet paper and manages to crack the bedside window that probably hasn't been opened in ten years, breaking through layers of paint by brute force. He puts an extra blanket on to cover the stains, then sinks back into the chair yawning. Ed drowses off under his hand, sleepy and untroubled; Bud will bring him home.

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