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Author's Note: This is an AU scene from the extended edition of Partnership.

Partnership, extended edition: Scene 5

by shalott

After a few days, the cut's basically healed, just a long red line. Ed goes even slower and doesn't think about why, and he runs his hand around inside the edge of the bandage, pretending it's because he wants to make sure it's comfortable.

Bud's half-hard and breathing fast. "You done or not?" he asks, challenging, and Ed swallows and lowers his head, puts his mouth just at the edge of the bandage, giving Bud a chance to stop him. Bud's skin tastes soapy and clean, bitter with rubbing alcohol.

It's harder than Ed expected to suck a cock; he has to stretch his jaw open, and there's a little fumbling while he figures out that it's not going to bend that way and neither is his neck. Once he gets it in his mouth, though, Bud makes enough noise to make it all worth while; his dick jerks hard, leaking and salty on Ed's tongue. He pillows his head on Bud's stomach and keeps working at it, licking around the head. He has to stop and swallow every once in a while because his mouth keeps watering so much.

Bud comes without warning, and Ed backs off too late. He wipes his face, coughing, and Bud laughs breathlessly until Ed shoves two semen-slick fingers into him; then he starts gasping, and he actually gets hard again. "Fuck, yes, go ahead, do me," he says, spreading his legs wider.

Ed doesn't want to risk hurting Bud's leg, so he takes his time getting ready, lifting Bud's legs up around his waist. By the time he's sliding in, Bud's nearly gone, eyes more than half closed, but he's smiling, and he strokes lazy hands over Ed's thighs until Ed finally spills into him.

Ed shakily rolls off and lies panting on his back. "I'm going to have to change the bandage again," he says.

No answer; Bud's already asleep. Ed closes his eyes. It can wait until morning.

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