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Author's Note: This is an AU scene from the extended edition of Partnership.

Partnership, extended edition: Scene 3

by shalott

"Yeah?" Bud says, and his weight's pushing Ed's legs apart, and Ed's not about to get hit anymore.

"Yeah," he says, answering a different question, and leaves his hands up above his head while Bud gets his pants off. "Ow, fuck, slower," he says, gripping the metal bars of the headboard.

"You asked for it," Bud pants, not sounding sorry; his dick feels horse-sized going in. "God, you're tight."

"No kidding, take it easy," Ed says. "We've got work tomorrow." He's getting hard mostly on the look on Bud's face, the way all that rage is just melting into open-mouthed lust.

"Fuck work." Bud stops and grabs Ed's legs under the knee and puts them over his shoulders, nearly bends him in half. The head of his dick is already in, and at the new angle he slides the rest of the way in a single stroke. They groan together.

"I didn't drink anywhere near enough for this," Ed says, gasping; then Bud starts fucking him hard and fast, and he stops being able to manage complete sentences.

Bud rolls over and goes to sleep pretty much as soon as he gets off. Ed's pancaked on the bed, too limp to even kick him, though he's still got a hard-on and nothing to do with it. He falls asleep before it even finishes going down, thinking up some really nasty remarks about staying power that he doesn't actually use the next morning, since Bud wakes him up with a blowjob by way of apology.

"Do me a favor, call me in sick," Bud says, coming back from the bathroom still wiping his mouth. "Christ, my head is killing me." He crawls back into the ruin of the bed and puts his head under the pillow.

"Serves you right," Ed says, reaching out for the phone. He's feeling pretty great, actually, but he's not planning to go in either, and he doesn't really give a fuck what the captain thinks about it.

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